Choosing the Best Teether for Your Baby

Choosing the Best Teether for Your Baby

When your baby’s gums are sore and the drool levels amplify, you know teeth are coming. Unfortunately, this often means a runny nose, an ear ache, and a lot of discomfort for your child, which means more sleepless nights and fraught days. It’s a generally unpleasant time because there is only so much you can do to soothe that pain. So what do you do? For many parents, teething time means learning baby gum massage techniques, frantic online searches for solutions, and stashing teething toys in every bag and room in the house. But, when it comes to teething toys and aids, how do you know which are the best teethers and which will soothe your baby effectively?

Trial and Error

By the time your baby is teething, their personality is sure to be coming through and this should tell you what you need to know - that your baby is an individual with their own tastes, even if they aren’t exactly verbal yet. When it comes to choosing the best teethers to help your baby calm down, a bit of trial and error will be necessary because there isn’t one universal teether that every baby loves. In addition to preference, choosing the best teethers depends at least somewhat on which teeth are coming in; there are some teethers designed for front teeth, some for teeth further back, and some that are meant for both.

Things to Look For


When it comes to picking a teether, the best teething toys for babies have a handful of common attributes designed to help baby self-soothe. First and foremost is texture; the best teethers will be either a semi-soft pliable plastic like silicone or a hard but textured material, usually made from medical grade plastic. Some babies find the softer texture of a giraffe or elephant teether very soothing. Other babies may prefer the gently nubbly texture of a harder plastic teething toy to massage their gums. The benefit here is that nearly all of the best teething toys for babies are designed to go in the fridge safely to provide cool relief.

Grabbing Ease

The other big element to consider when choosing the best teethers is how easily your baby will be able to grab, hold, and pick up the toy if they drop it. If a toy grows heavy too quickly, your baby may not use it, even if it does feel good. In this sense, teething toys with rings, legs, or other easy to grab parts make it easier for baby to self-soothe (without choking, of course). A teething necklace is one of the best teethers because it’s fridge-safe, easy to grab, and adds a bit of great everyday style to boot! Choose from a more traditional necklace with textured beads or a more modern look with larger flat beads. Or, to soothe baby and start good oral care habits young, try a fun teething toothbrush!

No matter what your baby’s preference, you can get all the best teethers at 2 Girls 1 Shop. If you’re unsure which teether your baby will like, try our grab bag teether option. You’ll get two toys and a teething necklace so you can see which style is the best teether for your baby!

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